Who Is Ricky's World Of Credit Repair?

Who is Ricky's World Of Credit Repair?
Ricky's World Of Credit Repair is a financial and credit consulting company that offers credit restoration, debt relief, private and federal student loan relief, credit building, and credit education services. We focus on your individual needs and will create a comprehensive plan designed to get the best results. We are Certified Credit Consultants and believe everyone deserves the opportunity to take control of their credit and secure their financial future.
We take pride in helping others get the outcome they deserve and get where they need to be financially so you can afford to reach your dreams. We set high expectations for ourselves as a financial and credit restoration company. You can expect only the best service from our team of credit experts. In the financial industry, we are dedicated to helping our clients get back on financial track. We work directly with the credit reporting agencies and creditors to fix and rebuild tarnished credit. We are highly dedicated to ensuring you attain the highest credit score possible. We are here to assist you on that journey. We let our services and experience speak for themselves and are so confident in what we do that we offer every customer a money back satisfaction guarantee.

What Makes Us Different?

At  Ricky's World Of Credit Repair, our priority is our customers and helping them get their financial life back. We do this through constant education about what makes up credit, credit restoration, building credit, debt settlement when needed, and dealing with debt collectors and creditors. We believe that education is the key to restoring your credit. What separates Ricky's World Of Credit Repair from the competition is simple, we help people to establish and build a solid and well-rounded credit foundation so that they can qualify mortgage or auto loan; more importantly, we are a company that brings results.


When it comes to dealing with creditors, collectors, and credit bureaus, you need experience in this area to get the best results Ricky's World Of Credit Repair, has the expertise that you need to deal with any situation presented and how to deal with creditors, collectors, and the credit reporting agencies to get you the best possible results.


                        WHY ARE WE HERE?

At Ricky's World Of Credit Repair we are here to assist you with getting financial peace of mind so that you can have the life you deserve. Navigating and understanding your credit can be challenging and scary if you are not familiar with all the laws that regulate collectors, creditors, and the credit reporting agencies. Our mission is to take that heavy burden off your shoulders and do all of the heavy lifting for you. We do this by challenge inaccurate, unverifiable, and erroneous information on your credit reports with the factual dispute methodology from a compliance standpoint. Having bad credit doesn’t define who you are, everyone deserves a second chance to own their own home, get approved for an auto loan, or getting a credit card; and that’s why we’re here.

How Does Ricky's World Of Credit Repair process Work?          

Our experienced agents  and paralegals work to protect consumers’ credit rights and ensure that they have fair and accurate credit reports. We empower clients to take charge of their credit and achieve their financial goals Ricky's World Of Credit Repair uses a proven process to maximize the impact of law backed credit repair.

We use digital partnerships to reduce our reliance on the mail system and optimize for faster outcomes.
We utilize every relevant legal standard to help our clients repair their credit and reach their goals.
we offer credit score coaching programs to teach our clients how to manage their credit wisely.

                        Going Above And Beyond

To get the best possible results, you must go above and beyond, challenging the credit reporting agencies are only one aspect of restoring your credit. The FCRA and FDCPA laws also allow you to dispute directly with the creditors and the collection agencies to get inaccurate information removed from your credit reports. Because of this, we provide direct disputes with original creditors and collection agencies as part of our services at no additional cost.

                 Credit Analysis And Consultation

We offer a credit analysis and consultation with one of our Certified Credit Restoration Specialists, our experts are on hand to walk you through and discuss your detailed and comprehensive credit analysis. We will answer your questions and help by suggesting your best options to take control of your credit and financial standing.

      No Hassle Money Back Guarantee!

We believe in complete satisfaction, and that is why we have a no-risk money back guarantee policy. When dealing with so many variables and unknowns, we cannot guarantee the exact outcome of a client’s case. The client must agree to follow our instructions and recommendations, which includes not allowing companies to pull their credit unnecessarily, not applying for new credit unless absolutely necessary, not missing or being late with any payments on their credit accounts, not making major purchases on credit cards or increasing balances on existing credit cards unless absolutely necessary and the client must send all correspondence received from credit bureaus to our office within seven days of receipt.
What we can guarantee is that we will always make you our priority because your credit and financial health is a priority to you. We emphasize customer service because our reputation is our foundation and we strive to serve every customer with integrity and genuine concern, we’d love the opportunity to do the same for you.
We are so confident that we can improve your credit health and positioning with all three credit reporting agencies. After 90 days if we have not been able to improve your credit file by removing any derogatory items from your account and you do not feel as though we worked your case with maximum effort and diligence, we will gladly offer you a full refund for this service.