Brief History

As hardworking members of society, we began to experience frustration with our limited amount of options. Imagine working 50 hours a week and still being unable to handle a slight emergency. Imagine how frustrating missing all of the kid's events because you need the funds, only to end up back at square one. Or the one time you decided to get a loan, you end up paying what you borrowed back double! To make matter worse if you didn't, it would be listed on your credit report. We realized that the system wasn't designed for the hardworking to win. Imagine applying the same work ethic towards your financial freedom. Ricky's World Of Credit was created to offer hardworking individuals a solution to their financial hardships.


Here at Ricky's World Of Credit, our mission is to deliver results and provide quality knowledge and feedback for our clients. We know that the credit process can be overwhelming, that's why we take the proper steps in educating our clients throughout their unique process. Qualifying for a home, being able to go on that family trip, or even having enough to cover emergencies is so important to us. Our purpose is to create more time for our clients and their families. We aim to bridge the gap between you and financial freedom.

What Makes Us Different?

Transparency is a major component for us! As we take a look at your profile, we plan on devising an action plan in order to set foot in the proper direction. Way more often than not, our competitors sent generic dispute letters and leave it to chance. If it was as simple as that you could start the process yourself. At Ricky's World Of Credit, that’s not our motive.  We understand time is something you can't get back, maintaining a sense of urgency is one of our top priorities. 


First and foremost as our you deserve to be told the truth and not misled. Our service will ensure you are provided with proper updates of each individual letter as it is received by the bureaus. We also believe you deserve to live the highest quality of life. By repairing your profile you are no longer settling, you are taking control over your quality of life. Not everyone has access to credit repair at an early age, so at times mistakes have been our teacher. Everyone deserves a second chance, so we aim to fill in any gaps in knowledge.